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Hailing from The Midlands, TIME OF THE MOUTH (TOTM) are a 4-piece band whose appetite serves up an evocative cocktail of pop punk, rock and emo with a modern twist. Lyrics personify frontman and songwriter Chris Jones in songs inspired by a multitude of topics including the pain of fallen relationships, the excitement of new love and the crazy life of being in a band. His on-stage alter ego is at the heart of their electrifying live performances leading band mates Ash, Mitch and Ollie in rolling out hypnotic performances. They explode on stage with an infectious penchant for beefy punk-rock riffs, juxtaposed with heartfelt lyrics of love and loss. 

After releasing their EP 'What Would Dave Do?' in 2016, TOTM have been described by music reviewers as having 'crunchy riffs' and 'big hooks' (Will Munn, Slap Mag). 

Since then, TOTM have released singles such as 'Miss the Madness' in 2017, of which the proceeds were donated to the victims of the Manchester Arena Bombing, 'Beautiful Storm' in 2018, 'Tears' in April 2019 with a video to raise awareness for Mental Health and 'The Road' in May 2019, with a light-hearted boxing video set in a local gym.

2020 started with an animated lyric video to the already released 'ELG3', created by band fan Brendan Toy, and a feature as 'ones to watch...with their unique blend of styles' in Discovered Magazine (Georgia Rawson).

TOTM have big plans for 2020 and beyond, so stay posted!





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